Foodservice Solutions

Imperial offers retailers a newly designed, state of the art foodservice test kitchen.  Due to an ever-increasing focus on food service in the convenience store industry, Imperial remains committed to making investments that will benefit the customer and their needs.

Tailoring to each customer’s specific needs, Imperial is showcasing the latest and greatest of the industry’s evolving trends. From freshly prepared foods to a variety of beverages, our goal is to create a flavor profile tailored to each customer’s desired target market.

Our foodservice professionals guide you from basic concepts to comprehensive menu offerings including training, marketing and execution.  We encourage our current and potential customers to visit our test kitchen, and experience different avenues of enhancing a store’s food service offerings.


Introductory Programs

Day'n Nite Bites

Day’n Nite Bites arrive frozen from your distributor, prepackaged, and ready to go. Simply price, place, heat’n eat.

day n night bites logo.jpg

BIG AZ - Logo.jpg

Big Az

Big Az boasts the fastest growing segment in handheld convenience, offers small case counts, and a 4 hour hold time.

Gehl’s will help customize a hot snack program into your operation with a choice of sauces, dispenser colors, and promotional graphics. While you enjoy proven, reliable performance with the smallest footprint of any dispenser on the market.

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The Deli Express line provides a trusted brand name and product offering that is recognized by customers. Deli Express is the #1 selling brand in c-stores, uses quality ingredients, and offers and extended shelf life of 9 months frozen and 30 days refrigerated.

Four varieties with exciting ingredients! Johnsonville takes your patrons to new flavor destinations. These unique hand-held sandwiches start with our fresh, flavorful sausage. Then we up the flavor quotient with ingredients like farm-fresh eggs, ripe bell peppers, and real cheese! 

imperial trading_johnsonville-logo-master-spot.png
imperial trading PetersonNutLogo.jpg

Just watch your profits grow! The Peterson’s Cashew Program is the perfect impulse buying vehicle. Although the highly visual display is only 11 inches wide, the golden, fresh-roasted cashews are warm and inviting. The Peterson’s Cashew Display truly sells itself! 

Both kettles and crockpots available! As your sales rep for more info about how Peanut Patch can grow your customer base and increase your profits. 

imperial trading_peanut patch_Logo.png

Intermediate Programs

imperial trading_papa primos logo.jpg

Papa Primo's Italian Kitchen is an easy, versatile, high quality pizzaria style program. The brand is built off of the real and wholesome feeling of home cooked meals to give consumers the true Italian eating experience. 

Our wide range of hot dog styles and flavors makes it easy to grill up summertime vibes in any season!

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imperial trading_wenner bakery dots donuts logo.jpg

The ease of thaw and serve Dots doughnuts from Wenner Bakery will reduce your labor and let you keep your doughnut display filled with fresh doughnuts to meet the demand throughout the day. 

Imperial and Alligator Ice offer free product to help off-set the cost of equipment. Call your sales consultant for more info.

imperial trading_alligator-ice-logo.png
imperial trading_coolcow_logo_medium.png

Cold Cow is bursting into the c-store market as an unrivaled consumer and retailer favorite. Start “shakin up the profits” with this high quality, labor free, and inexpensive system.

Beef up your profits with the #1 brand of hot dogs in the US and the #1 brand of smoked sausage in the US. 

imperial trading_hillshire farm.jpg
imperial trading_tornados.jpg

Tornados offer superior taste and quality, can be served at multiple meal times, hold for 4 hours on the rollergrill and require minimal condiments. Create a whirlwind of flavor at your store! 

Roller Bites have beef, chicken, and breakfast options and a wide variety of flavors in each category. Try the Breakfast Scrambler – the CSP Retailer Choice for Best New Item of the Year in 2010! 

imperial trading-rollerbites-brand-logo.png
imperial trading minh asian2go.png

Replace your slowest selling ethnic item with Asian SKU for a limited-time-offer, and create new sales to new customers!

Corn Dogs are the ideal hand-held food for the time conscious, on-the-go C-Store customer. They’re a great option for kids and families on trips, and an afternoon, hand held snack option for adults.

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day n night bites logo.jpg

Arrives frozen and pre-topped! Ask about Day’N Night Pizza’s branded packaging.

Choose from the cookie counter top, the foodservice bake shop, the wrapped pastry, or the cheesecake-to-go solutions.

imperial trading_prairie city bakery.jpg

Advanced Programs

imperial trading_champs chicken logo.png

At Champs Chicken, we understand that QUALITY and CONSISTENCY are game changers. That’s why our foodservice program is specially designed with your team in mind.

Hungry to increase your in-store sales? Take a look at the Chester’s Chicken Program.

imperial trading_chesters chicken logo.png
imperial trading_freal logo.png

What makes f’real different? f’real cup + blender = YUM!

The Piccadilly Pizza program makes snacks simple. Call your sales consultant for more information!

imperial trading_piccadilly pizza.png
imperial trading_naughty chile taqueria logo.jpg

Naughty Chile has developed this turn-key restaurant, delivering a space and labor efficient solution.  In addition to the standard kiosk we have in-line, end cap, and full restaurant with seating packages available.

Want a program that will easily help you stand out from the pack and help drive some serious traffic to your store? BluTaco is the foodserivce answer you’ve been looking for!

imperial trading_PFS blue taco logo.jpg
imperial trading_java cafe logo.jpg

A great coffee program is essential, as it's become the quick-service restaurant (QSR) category must have!  Let Imperial Trading offer one of the best program around.