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Hearty Choice

See the Difference

The Hearty Choice Line was created to bring a fresh and healthy alternative to a convenience store shopper. So what goes into making this sandwich so different?

Take a peek at the packaging.

Notice that your Hearty Choice item isn’t vacuum sealed? That’s because we make these sandwiches fresh to order for your favorite convenience store. No gas, no extended shelf life. Just a simple sandwich with a simple, wholesome approach.

What’s in a name?

Hearty Choice is meant to provide generous portions to consumers searching for a fresh, fast, and healthy food alternative. So we’ve packed as much punch as possible into these sandwiches, salads, wraps, and hoagies. Our overstuffed sandwiches offer about 4 oz more meat than the average sandwich, and our salads are so generous that we had to amp up the dressing packet size just to cover them.

Green is the new black.

So why not add some to your diet? The Hearty Choice line offers several food choices that include lettuce. And since you don’t have to sacrifice flavor or portion size, adding some green to your life is easy.