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Cold Brewing Sales

 Demand for a cold cup of joe has been surging.

June 7, 2017

​NEW YORK CITY – It’s no surprise that warmer temperatures mean more people are buying iced coffees, but what might be news is that the popularity of cold brew coffee has been steadily rising, The New York Times reports.

At Gregorys Coffee chain, owner Gregory Zamfotis sells 10,000 cups of cold brew during the height of summer. While, traditionally, hot coffee sales declined as the temperatures climbed, now cold brew drives sales in the warmer months.

“It’s pheromonal,” said James Freeman, the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee. “And the feedback loop encourages more iced orders—watching other people order iced coffee inculcates the desire.”

While cold brew once could only be found in New Orleans or southern states, the beverage began migrating throughout the United States about a decade ago. In 2015, Starbucks debuted cold brew in some of its stores—now, every location offers the cold drink. Cold brew is even found in ready-to-drink coffees in supermarkets and convenience stores.

Cold brew takes longer than hot coffee to make, anywhere from six to 20 hours. Part of the appeal of cold brew is the taste. “The main argument is the lack of acidity, that it’s very one-note,” said Jenny Bonchak, who, along with her husband, runs Slingshot Coffee Company. “But that’s not how we want to drink coffee. We wanted something that was balanced, and that was going to be juicy.”